How does
the technology

continue tracking devices located the vehicle with the satellite through the GPS technology, which in turn help to identify the location and condition of the vehicle and its speed and direction.

The device collects the required information and send it via the GPRS mobile network to a data format.

transmitted data about the way the network to be stored in servers (servers) to enable the user to browse these data via custom programs at any time and any place.

System Advantages

Ability to access the system at any time/anywhere with an internet connection.

Accessible via handheld devices (iPad, iPhone & Android).

Dividing to several fleets upon request with the ability of moving vehicles between fleets (i.e. a special fleet for each branch), and the ability to customize specifications for each fleet.

Unlimited user names & passwords with different authorities for each user.

Identifying and naming areas of interest on the map to be recognized easily by the system (i.e. Naming branches locations).

Designated window for exceptional cases & notifications to be monitored live such as speeding, departing or arriving at branches etc.

Ability to retrieve historical data for more than 6 months.