Ready-mix sector is playing a major role within the Saudi market, and its considered as one of the most successful industries locally, although its facing many issues and obstacles that makes daily operations very difficult and dangerous.

Monitoring your fleet to increase productivity and improve level of provided service and minimizing vehicle accidents rates can play a major role in increasing profitability dramatically, and also minimizing monitoring cost can affect the profit margin severely.

MTData Middle East understands the needs of this sector and their daily issues. We develop our solutions continually to solve their issues and to become a successful partner in increasing their client’s efficiency.
Ready-mix Industry Issues & Solutions
Damaged mix for not rotating or late offloading
MTData Solution allows you to know the barrel status (rotating/not rotating) and rotation counts during the trip and the age of mix from loading till off-loading.
Wasting time during loading and offloading
Monitoring trips duration and time consumed in loading and offloading accurately to increase vehicles productivity by increasing daily trips.
Exceeding Speed limit and Turnover Threat
The system allows you to record speeding & harsh turning all the time and being able to know the period that the driver has traveled while exceeding the speed. The system also notifies with live alarms when speeding accrue to help in preventing accidents.
Neglecting regular maintenance
By using the calculating kilometers tool, our unique maintenance software allows you to monitor regular maintenance for vehicles (oil, Brakes, Tires ) helping you to lengthen the life time of the vehicle and minimizing costs, damages, and accident rates that might occur due to neglecting maintenance.
Unknowing vehicle location
whenever the vhicle is lost, the system allows you to determine its location immediately via satellite to be able to get it back as soon as possible without wasting staff time.
Ability to prove arrival at the right destination
The systems features the ability to prove arrival time and period spent at customer premises by reviewing the vehicle path and the daily trip report generated by the system. It also allows you to prevent offloading in wrong locations by monitoring live tracking.